Every Child a Reader & Writer (ECRW)




Instructional Leadership Profile: Promoting Equity in the Writing Workshop

The Instructional Leadership Profile describes components of instructional leadership which support effective implementation of writing workshop. The guide is focused on supporting the work of grade-level teams to do standards-based work, with emphasis on creating effective instruction which is equitable to all students.

1.   Cover Graphic & Introduction

2.   Component #1: Working in a Standards-based System

3.   Component #2: Pursuing a Shared Vision

4.   Component #3: Providing Equitable Learning Opportunities

5.   Component #4: Maintaining a Focused Effort

6.   Component #5: Building a Learning Community

7.   Component #6: Developing Distributed Leadership

8.   Component #7: Fostering Positive Relationships and Communication

9.   Principles of Equitable Educational Practice

10. Glossary of Terms