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Noyce Leadership Fellows 2014 (Cohort 7)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Afterschool Alliance
Fellow: Anita Krishnamurthi, Vice President, STEM Policy
Sponsor: Jennifer Rinehart, Vice President for Research and Policy
Strategic Initiative: To strengthen collaborations between science centers and afterschool providers to increase the number of high-quality STEM learning opportunities in out-of-school-time programs around the country.

Arizona Science Center
Fellow: Sharon Kortman, Senior Vice President of Learning
Sponsor: Chevy Humphrey, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To advance educational leadership, quality teaching, parent and community engagement for student learning, positioning our science institution to influence STEM education locally and nationally.

Conner Prairie Museum
Fellow: Cathryn Ferree, Vice President Exhibits, Programs, Interpretation, and Facilities
Sponsor: Ellen Rosenthal, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To organize a community-based Advisory Board that fosters dialogue on informal learning to result in educators using Conner Prairie as a partner in STEM education, not only an enrichment field trip.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Fellow: Scott Sampson, Vice President, Research & Collections, and Chief Curator
Sponsor: George Sparks, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To create a community-based alliance of organizations aimed at connecting children and adults with local place through coordinated efforts to provide access to, and engage with, nearby nature.

EdVenture Children's Museum
Fellow: Nikole Williams, Vice President of Education
Sponsor: Debbie Zvejnieks, Board Member
Strategic Initiative: To lead and strategically align all aspects of a major state systemic project addressing health and wellness, fostering relationships with communities to serve target audiences throughout the state.

Great Lakes Science Center
Fellow: Whitney Owens, Vice President of Education
Sponsor: Kirsten Ellenbogen, Ph.D., President & CEO
Strategic Initiative: To collaborate with industry to change Cleveland’s manufacturing narrative by co-identifying STEM education opportunities and piloting related learning experiences with diverse middle-school youth while driving more iteration among GLSC education staff.

Liberty Science Center
Fellow: Ann Neumann, Concept Planning / Exhibitions Design Lead
Sponsor: Paul Hoffman, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To develop LSC's Museum Planning Services through two pilot programs, as an innovative and sustainable outreach model that engages local and global communities to develop relevant informal science learning environments.

Fellow: Sigrid Falla Morales, Deputy Director of Science and Society
Sponsor: Elizabeth Hoyos, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To develop and test a participatory assessment model to include the visitor and community voices in educational and exhibit programs.

Museum für Naturkunde
Fellow: Gregor Hagedorn, Head of Digital World and Information Science
Sponsor: Johannes Vogel, Generaldirektor
Strategic Initiative: To create robust knowledge communities around nature, focusing on the importance of knowledge management and participatory knowledge creation, establishing a German-language “Encyclopedia of Life” (EOL) augmenting the global EOL family.

National Science Museum, Thailand
Fellow: Ganigar Chen, Director, Office of the Public Awareness of Science
Sponsor: Kannikar Wongtongsiri, Vice President
Strategic Initiative: To lead the formation of a school-based museum through an outreach partnership between the school, the community, and the National Science Museum.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Fellow: Alicia Borrego Pierce, Deputy Executive Director
Sponsor: Charlie Walter, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: To cultivate a relationship between the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science and the community of Espanola, NM, that determines and then implements the most effective strategies of public engagement with families in that community.

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry
Fellow: Jamie Hurd, Vice President of Programs
Sponsor: Nancy Stueber, President
Strategic Initiative: To facilitate integration of OMSI's new coastal camp into the community of Newport, Oregon, and create a community ecosystem of learning with local partners to produce a multidisciplinary pilot program that embodies local views and values.

San Antonio Children's Museum
Fellow: Rita Mukherjee Hoffstadt, Vice President, Education and Visitor Experience
Sponsor: Vanessa Lacoss Hurd, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: To engage the childhood learning community (providers, specialists, resources) to create public programming that will transform the San Antonio Children's Museum from a traditional children's museum to a hub and convener in San Antonio.

Science Center NEMO
Fellow: Marjolein van Breemen, Head of Education / Manager Science Learning Center
Sponsor: Amito Haarhuis, Deputy Director
Strategic Initiative: To give educational support to schools throughout the Netherlands for the development of pupils' talents for science and technology.

Science Museum of Minnesota
Fellow: Joe Imholte, Director of Special Exhibits and Public Programs
Sponsor: Paul Martin, Senior Vice President of Science Learning
Strategic Initiative: To engage our community in the development and delivery of programming for the Science Museum of Minnesota to develop relationships and increase its value and relevance.

Science World British Columbia
Fellow: Pauline Finn, Vice President, Community Engagement
Sponsor: Bryan Tisdall, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To mobilize science professionals supporting the British Columbia Science Charter to energize science learning experiences for K-12 students.

The Tech Museum of Innovation
Fellow: Lath Carlson, Vice President, Exhibits and Content Development
Sponsor: Tim Ritchie, President
Strategic Initiative: To transform The Tech into a “resource for innovation” by providing exhibits and programs which build innovation skills in all of our constituents.

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Fellow: Polly McKenna-Cress, Director, Museum Exhibition Planning and Design
Co-Sponsor: Kirk Pillow, Provost, University of the Arts
Co-Sponsor: Dale McCreedy, Director, Gender, Adult Learning, & Community Engagement, The Franklin Institute
Strategic Initiative: To create a Collaborative Incubator formed from an underserved community, an arts and design university, and a science museum to develop community-created and -installed pop-up STE(A)M-based exhibits through a Design Thinking process.